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Still searching for that perfect gift for your enterprising gun printer? Scratching your head over what to get that freedom-focused friend? (And as a bonus the links below may be affiliate links so we get some support too!) Bookmark this page and check back often. We’re going to be updating this list as we go through the holiday season.

Gifts of the Year

Magic ATF Ball - MAF Corporation

Leading with the gift of the year, absurd. But I know your time is valuable.


The Magic ATF ball has granted many the confidence they needed regarding their build that they would otherwise have written [THE AGENCY] about. “Simply taketh the ball unto thine hand, gaze upon its answering ORB, breathe unto it thy breath, SHAKE THREE TIMES! AND READ! 20 custom answers! Not a single one helpful!”

Jstark 1809 Portrait NFT

Say your printer also happens to be an NFT nerd. We did an NFT to memorialize Jstark’s passing and his contributions to the community. There were 100 of these minted and the proceeds will be used to further the development of 100% easily DIY firearms and ammunition.

If you’re into more physical goods we have posters in the shop also.

Pew Parts

Wind chimes and whimsical hardware.

For a wind chime company, they have a lot of hardware that overlaps with the 3D printing enthusiasts. I encourage checking out their rails and hardware kits.

Printed Pew Parts

With the sheer number of glock compatible frame designs coming out you can’t go wrong with gen 3 compatible glock parts from a variety of online vendors.

Aves specializes in mass production of the DDxx rail kits with the goal of keeping them as affordable as possible.

Riptide’s goal has been making the best quality precision milled rail sets that money can buy as well as supporting more bespoke projects with hardware.

Normal Pew Parts and Optics

No specific item. PSA just has some consistent deals on uppers and AR parts for the avid gunbuilder. I suggest checking out their daily deals, well, daily.

Their sales are consistent but not fantastic. Because of this things out of stock elsewhere are likely to be in stock here.

No specific item. PSA just has some consistent deals on uppers and AR parts for the avid gunbuilder. I suggest checking out their daily deals, well, daily.

If you’re looking for more specific deals I suggest you follow my twitter (@ctrlpew). I occasionally post sales and deals from these folks and others.

Printer Supplies


If your domestic printer is anything like me they are constantly burning through spools of filament. Don’t just grab anything off the shelf. In this thing brand really does reflect quality.

The New Standard

Polymaker PLA Pro

Newly launched with specific properties that our hobby benefits greatly from. This material is still going through testing but has so far outperformed the eSun PLA+’s benchmark. While a bit more expensive than the eSun it’s not so much more than it becomes a prohibition for a new printer on a budget.

Price at writing: $24.99

The Old Standard


Tried and true, eSun has been the standard for us for a long time. It set the benchmark for consistency in printing and allowed us to standardize our printing process and progress to more complex designs.

Price at writing: $22.99

The Runner Up

Oveture PLA

I don’t have a lot of time on this filament but the time that I do have has been universally good. It’s as easy to work with as the aforementioned eSun. The only thing that prevents it from taking the top spot is layer adhesion problems with some prints in, particularly narrow areas. A solid choice for general printing and pretty cheap too.

Price at writing: $21.24

Something Completely Different

Glow In The Darks

Keep your glowboys close and your glow guns closer. Sometimes it’s fun to just print a fun gun. Glowpoint gang gang.

Price at writing: $28.99


Should you be searching for a second, third, or tenth printer…

The Standard Recomendations

Ender 5 Pro

A step up from the entry level. A more consistent printer for small farm operations. Splurge a little and get the pro. Your ears will thank you.

Price at writing: $399.99

Ender 3 Pro / V2

The tried and true workhorse of many 3D printing communities.

Price at writing: $270.00

But if you want to try something a little different...

Elegoo Neptune X

Many Ender 3 clones have crossed my desk in recent years so many that I don’t bother to talk about half of them. The Ender 5 clone is a rarer beast. At a reasonable $285 price it makes the choice between this and an Ender 3 V2 a much harder one. I’m still evaluating this printer but so far it is not doing badly.

Price at writing: $285.00

Voxelab Aquila X2

Ender 3 V2 features for less than the price of the pro. Some folks have reported less consistent prints overall but mine has performed well in its limited testing.

Price at writing: $215.10


If your printer looking to get into the resin game an Elegoo Saturn might fit the bill. While more expensive than its FDM brethren the resin printers allow for far greater detail in less time. While the resin material is less durable in general we will be experimenting more with it in this coming year. Expect some interesting developments on this front in the next year.

Price at writing: $499.99


Wheeler 30 Piece SAE/Metric Hex and Torx P-Handle Set

We deal in a lot of hex socket screws so a nice set of T-handle drivers is a welcome addition to the toolkit.

MSRP – $74.99

1/4" x 28 Tap and Tap handle

For threading the ar grip screw hole properly. Makes life a little nicer.

MSRP – $10.00

Cheap Soddering Iron

Pro-tool for smoothing or reshaping any surfaces on your prints. It will also help with layer adhesion on specific builds.

MSRP – $13.45

Metric Drill Bit Set

Metric screws call for metric holes and metric bits to ream them to size.

MSRP – $12.99

Roll Pin Starter Set

Roll pins are tricky things for many. The right tools to deal with these common parts are immensely helpful.

MSRP – $31.99

Basic chisel set

Flattening edges, clipping corners or shearing supports a small chisel may seem like overkill but once you understand how to use it it really makes quick and efficient work of the task.

MSRP – $16.99

Still undecided? Swag is a sure win.

You can’t go wrong with awesome swag and there’s no better place than Support your developers, future projects, and the community.

Limited Time Sales and Specials

As we make our way through the Holiday season ill post deals that come up here.

I just picked up one of these FM Gen 2 Uppers. The coolest bit is there is its a 556 gun that does not require a buffer tube. At Brownells for $689

11% Off Orders $200+. Use Code RFA

12% Off Orders $300+. Use Code RFB

13% Off Orders $700+. Use Code RFC

Brownells put their whole line of glock compatible slides on sale.

11% Off Orders $200+. Use Code RFA

12% Off Orders $300+. Use Code RFB

13% Off Orders $700+. Use Code RFC

I thought you could use a flamethrower.

$599 at Palmetto State Armory

This is an AD


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