Start or contribute to the bounty

1:Get some Bitcoin – Tutorial coming soon.

2:Transfer the Bitcoin to the bounty program BTC wallet using the BTCPAY button below. Then fill out the form below. (If you’re contributing to a bounty that’s it. Thanks!)

Please note that transactions with invalid alias/bounty id will be added to the general community fund and not a specific bounty. The submitter must contribute to the bounty pool. Cuts down on spam and “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if we did x but I don’t want to put any skin in the game” requests.

*Bounty contributions are non-refundable and will not be returned under any circumstances. Once a bounty is open it will remain open until it is claimed.

3: That’s it. We will be in contact with you via the community chat to finalize the win condition for your bounty and post it.

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