The Rules

Determining A Winner

  • Entries are timestamped when submitted and this timestamp will be the official time of submission record.
  • Once a package has been submitted it will be reviewed for completeness by the admin and the claims will be documented on the related bounty page in the order they are received.
    • If a claim does not meet the completeness requirement detailed on the submission page the submitter will be notified viacommunity chat at deterrencedispensed.comand the claim will be voided.
    • The submitter will need to resubmit.
  • Once they are documented the administrative panel will be notified of the submission and review the claim package.
    • This will be done in the order received based on the time of submission record.
  • Once the administrative panel has reached a majority consensus that the package is complete and has met the requirements established in the bounty. They will notify the admin.
  • The first 3 packages submitted that are deemed complete by the administrative panel will be open for review by the community at large.
    • Feedback can be sent to the submitter directly onthe community chat or discussed in the bounty channel.
  • They will be in an open review state for no less than 15 days and will be addressed in the community call following that.
  • Upon the date of the next community call after the minimum open review window, and having no justified objections brought up during the open review the bounty will be closed and the purse earmarked for the winner.

Collecting a Purse

  • Once the bounty is closed the winner of the purse will be notified via the administrator on the community chat following the community call and has 15 days to respond.
  • If the winner does not respond within 15 days the bounty will be forfeited and transferred to the community BTC pool.
  • The winner will need to provide a BTC wallet for the bounty purse.
  • Transfer fees will be deducted from the bounty purse at the time of transfer.

 Please join us in the community chat at #bounty channel if you have questions or concerns. Thanks – CTRLPew