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The head UwU himself Nguyenkvvn, known for the outrageous HRR mods and the currently in beta SVTR Connect with him: @nguyenkvvn on twitter @nguyenkvvn on keybase USD GBP EUR BTC…

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3d printed gun wielding weed smoking animal loving fursuit making computer building electrical engineer fox furry. įŽ€ä¸­&ENG OK Currently working on DIY electroplating machine, a silicon bullet mold, and DIY…

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Atmac is responsible for the Bigpoint (40/45 hi point) design and is currently working on his DOG-C series of designs. Connect with him @atmactemp on keybase USD GBP EUR BTC

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Atlas is doing innovative things in the ballistic space. If you're not familiar with them I recommend scoping them out on atlasarms.org Connect with them Atlasarms.org USD GBP EUR BTC…

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Mechanical engineering student that likes to prove people wrong with a flair for the ridiculous. Currently working on battery operated semi-auto 3D printed .50Cal handguns and electrical ignition. Donations will…

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