Getting Started Guide 1 – How to Setup and Tune Your 3D Printer

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General Tips for Machine Setup

  • As you follow the included instructions ensure that each section is attached squarely with each other. This can be achieved easily with a carpenter’s square. It’s not strictly necessary as most printers are made well enough to be pretty square but occasionally this will cause a problem with the final build.
  • Once your machine is set up you should start with bed leveling tests. Remember to level it against the nozzle in each corner and do multiple laps of it since moving any corner moves the other corners of the print bed.
  • Leveling the bed is a bit of a misnomer. You’re aligning the bed to the plane the nozzle is on, not aligning the bed to be gravitationally level. Make sure your nozzle gantry is square to its vertical supports and align the bed to the nozzle accordingly.
  • Nozzles are wear parts and will need to be replaced eventually.
  • Filament is hygroscopic. It loves to absorb moisture from the air. If you have a spool that has been sitting out or one that suddenly starts printing poorly throw it in a dehydrator before getting too carried away on troubleshooting your printer.
  • Clean your bed. Most materials leave some kind of residue behind after printing which adversely affects bed adhesion.
  • Update your firmware. Firmware updates may aide in more reliable printing and more precise controls. Before you get to invested in calibrating you should check for the latest updates.

Stepper Motor Calibration Calculator

Choose your calibrator depending on your printer’s firmware

Machine-Specific Setup and Tuning Guides

  • Bambu
    • X1 Carbon – In Progress
  • Creality
    • Ender 3 /Pro – In Progress
    • Ender 5/ Pro- In Progress
  • Sovol
    • SV07 Plus- In Progress


bulletsd1 says:

I just got my first 3D Printer in the mail today. I’ve been to busy all day to set it up, now I’m barely about to get it done.
I’m really excited about printing my first ? .
Thanks for the videos. I would of never bought one if these ” getting started ” videos were not here .
Thank You

ctrlpew says:

You’re welcome!

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