Getting Started Guide 5 – Learn To CAD

–Fusion 360 has added STEP export back to their software. Diversification is needed but for now, they remain the standard for getting started.–

*Guide assembled by the community. Partake in the shenanigans*

 All killer, no filler, worn brakes learn to cad with Fusion 360.

Install Fusion 360

How to license it (for free):

We are in the beginning of writing a comprehensive guide but to start with read this guide. Getting Started in Fusion 360.

Below are some existing videos of learning to navigate and use fusion 360.

Watch this:

Watch this:

Watch this:

Take a break.
Watch this:

Take a break.
Watch this:

Take a break.
Watch this.
Pay attention to the rectangular pattern:

Take a break,
cad some things on your own.
Watch this.
This is a long one, its kinda like a final exam.

Note: CAD along as you watch these videos (IMPORTANT!!!).
Advanced techniques
Topology Optimization


7 responses to “Getting Started Guide 5 – Learn To CAD”

  1. no thanks Avatar
    no thanks

    Really Fusion 360? It’s a cloud software where you can’t save your project files locally if you wanted to, and it’s already a busybody about Win7. How do we know it’s not keeping track of filenames as so-called “anonymous metadata”?

    1. ctrlpew_ilpjut Avatar

      Show me some CAD software that’s as good as fusion that has a free license available to everyone?

  2. Johnathon doe Avatar
    Johnathon doe

    blender, I can make a list of recommended guides for using the software.

    1. ctrlpew_ilpjut Avatar

      Please do.

      1. Johnathon doe Avatar
        Johnathon doe–xLB6U
        This playlist has everything that’s generally needed for using blender for 3d printing and then everything else blender can be used for.

  3. zahranma Avatar

    where can I find the slicer settings? I watched the “Quick Start” on your YouTube channel but I need the “pew” settings.

    1. ctrlpew Avatar

      In the readme for each package.

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