Getting Started Guide Appendix – E-Step Calibration Calculator

For use with marlin-based cartesian (XYZ) printers to calibrate the stepper motor movement of X, Y,Z, and Extruder

Tools you will need.

  • A caliper. Preferably Digital and metric. –
  • A sharpie or permanent marker.
  • This cube.

Instructions for Calculator Use

First, level your bed. – Guide Coming Soon.

Second – Calibrate your extruder(s)

  • Bring the hot end up to printing temperature for your filament (215 for PLA Pro/+)
  • Raise the Z axis 10 or 20 mm off the bed.
  • Load filament until is starts to come through the nozzle.
  • Set your calipers to a measurement of 110mm and lock it using the thumb screw.
  • Using the calipers as pictured place the “depth probe” end at the top of the hot end, gently pull the filament tight against the calipers.
  • Using the marker, mark the filament at 110mm, It should be in line with the top of the depth probe.
  • Instruct the printer to extrude 100mm
  • If your printer Extrudes past the mark reduce the e-step value for the extruder by 10% and try again.
  • Remember to save your settings in your control panel. Printers do not often auto save.

Third, Calibrate your X,Y,& Z.

Extruder Calibration

Z Calibration

X Calibration

Y Calibration

The formula if you’re interested.

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