Getting Started Guide Appendix – Rotation Distance Calculator

For use with Klipper-based firmware.

A simple calculator used to find the rotation distance for 3D printers using Klipper flavored firmware. I have included 6 calculators in case you have a printer with multiple steppers for z, extruder, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter if you use the one labeled for the stepper or not. I wanted to display several so you can maintain the values for each calculation.

You will find the current rotation distance in your printer.cfg file.

The rotation_distance is the amount of distance that the axis moves with one full revolution of the stepper motor.
Use the cube below to gather the data for the required calibration.

X Calibration

Y Calibration

Z0 Calibration

Z1 Calibration

Extruder 0 Calibration

Extruder 1 Calibration

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