Open – #008: Shush Puppy Height Sights

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Win Conditions

  • Glock slide compatible
  • 3D printable
  • Sights clear the Shush Puppy suppressor.



Titan12 says:

How do I submit this thing I built it today But I can’t figure out how to submit it

Titan12 says:

Hey man I have a problem, I just found out about this community and I only registered for the account a day ago. Im not terrible at cad I’m not great either but I made the sights in a couple hours without a problem. I 3d printed them today and recorded a video to go along with a Glock I 3D printed as well. I don’t have a slide yet, so is there any way I can get someone else to test this on their 3d printer and confirm that it works(In the submit a claim It mentions this but I don’t know who exactly to send the file to). Thanks

Also Ctrl Pew mad respect for making all this.

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