The Index

Builder Resources

  • MAF Arms – Literally the best wind chime kits. Use code ‘chimecrew’ at checkout
  • Spookyrails – Metal rails for the printed Glock frame
  • Aves Rails – Quality linear motion components.
  • Riptide Rails -Riptide Rails is dedicated to being a one-stop shop that offers high-quality rail solutions for your 3D-printed projects.
  • BlasterAtYourSide -Gun builder resource
  • Liberator 12K -Information on the Liberator 12K shotgun project.

Friends of the Community

  • The Kommando Blog -An organization run by /k/ommandos bringing you the finest of /k/ culture.
  • EnBlocPress – News, memes, opinion, swag. Focusing on the liberty community, politics, free speech, guns, privacy, and law enforcement.
  • The eMilitia Podcast – liberty minded individuals who discuss freedom in the 21st century.