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Shouse In The House

Heather and I sat down to chat about censorship, 3d printing, the Tac Daddy, and more. Unlike some of us internet personalities who whine about YouTube censorship, she's one of…
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55 Gallon Bullet Trap – How to build

Being able to step onto your back deck and magdump into the mountain side is truly a gift. Its a slice of the American Dream that the founding fathers intended…
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#010 P365 Style G43 Frame

Bounty ID :#010 Status :Pending Current Purse 0.00125585 BTC 1 Contributor Win Conditions Must be compatible with: -Aves DD43.1 Rail Kit -P365 10 round magazines (SKU: MAG-365-9-10) -G43 upper…
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009: 5.7 Middleton Mac

Bounty ID : 009 Status : Open Instigator: AP Current Purse 0.00226086 BTC 1 Contributor Win Conditions Design, develop, test, and release to The Gatalog's testing and documentation and release…