CTRL+Pew Crew Morale Patch


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Welcome to the CTRL+Pew Crew. As usual proceeds from this sale support the efforts of the community in bringing you the best memes and armaments. Cheers folks. If you’ve gotten one of these from me tag me @ctrlpew on Instagram, Facebook or twitter and show me what you’re working on. Find me on the internet for more shenanigans.
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https://www.instagram.com/ctrlpew/ https://www.facebook.com/ctrlpew/ M4, M16, M249, MP5, UMP, KRISS, FAL, FN, GLOCK, SIG, CZ, SHOTGUN, PISTOL, STICKERS, MP7, HK, HK416, BERETTA, RIFLE, HANDGUN, DECALS, VINYL, STICKER, tactical, military, gun sticker, gpnvg18, nods, night vision, milsim

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