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Oldies but goodies!  One of the benefits of cleaning…. you find a few hidden gems you didn’t know you had!!   Grab yourself one of the few remaining original printbeds with the Ctrl + Pew logo.

The CTRL+pew PEI print bed, specifically designed for use with Ender 3 and similarly sized 3D printers. With this product, you can enjoy a hassle-free printing experience, thanks to its excellent bed adhesion rating of +10, ensuring your prints stick firmly to the bed.

Additionally, this product has been known to attract the “Luck of the Print Gods” with a rating of +5, providing you with a smooth and successful printing experience every time. But don’t just take our word for it – follow the guide at for a comprehensive understanding of the product and how to use it.

The CTRL+pew PEI print bed is compatible with printers that have a bed measuring 235mm x 235mm, making it an ideal choice for Ender 3/5 and other similar printers. The bed is made from high-quality spring steel and coated with PEI, ensuring durability and longevity.

To make your life easier, this product comes with a magnetic adhesive pad that makes it easy to attach to your printer. Order your CTRL+pew PEI print bed today and experience a new level of printing precision and quality, while also gaining respect on the internet with a rating of +1.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 1.25 in


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