Jny’s Firmware, Boot Screens, and System Customizations


JNY our resident tech nerd has decided to offer custom firmware as a service. If you want to have a custom boot screen or upgrade your machine with a BL touch, but you don’t want to poke around in your own firmware, leverage his nerd brain to achieve excellence.
This service is being offered for:

  • Creality
    • Ender – (The ones with the blue and white LCD screens not the touch or color graphics screens)
      • 3
      • 3Pro
      • 5
      • 5Pro

JNY will contact you within 48 HRS of purchase to finalize the project details. The purchaser will be expected to provide any art or graphics (Black and white images are preferred). JNY will convert and modify these as needed. Keep in mind full color images will loose a significant amount of fidelity when being processed.

Ex Image

Disclaimer: Upgrading your firmware is a technical and attentive process, CTRLPewand its affiliates are not responsible for any damage caused by modifying or altering your printer firmware, software, or system configuration.

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