JSTARK Extremely Peaceful Poster

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This Jstark poster features an oil painting styled rendition of J-Stark holding the FGC9, the firearm he is well-known for developing. This image captures the essence of Jstark as an anonymous internet firearm developer who has made significant contributions to the development of 3D printed firearms globally.

The poster is inspired by the Popular Front documentary that highlights the explosive growth of 3D printed firearms. It portrays Jstark in a powerful and confident stance, holding the FGC9, which represents his passion and dedication towards creating a better future for firearm enthusiasts.

The poster features Jstark’s famous quote in yellow, “Extremely Peaceful,” which represents his belief that equality of the potential for violence can lead to actual lasting peace. This quote adds depth to the poster and showcases Jstark’s philosophy and mindset.

Overall, the Jstark poster is a perfect addition to the collection of firearm enthusiasts and admirers of Jstark’s work. It showcases his contribution to the firearm industry and the impact of his work on the future of firearm development.

Note:  This item ships separately from other merchandise, such as stickers and patches.

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