MAF – 7.25″ Magnesium Ultralight AR15 Handguards (Blem, Raw)

7.25″ Magnesium Ultralight AR15 Handguards (Blem, Raw)

From MAF:

BLEM – These seem functionally fine, but will likely have surface imperfections.

**No refunds, exchanges or returns will be allowed for blem products**

You have read all about our innovative hand guards, which provide protection against the common hand burns caused by “spicy barrel.” This one, though, has a special something. We realized it was special when we picked it up. “Egad!” we exclaimed, with three exclamation marks. “It appears that I have picked up the item, but I am certain this weight is far too low for an item of this size! It may even be that my mind deceives me, and I have not even picked it up, on account of the lack of weight I am currently experiencing on my body!” It was not a feat of magics, though. It was a feat of materials science. It is called M-A-G-N-E-S-I-U-M. It is cool and light, and I heard it sometimes can go on fire in certain circumstances. We scraped some shavings off and hit them with a lighter to test. It was funny. With these raw/blem ones, it’s a good idea to paint.

Ships with one set of mounting hardware and one ar15 compatible barrel nut.

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