MAF – AR15 223/556 Modular Upper (Blem/BLACK)

AR15 223/556 Modular Upper (Blem/BLACK)

From MAF:

Here it is! Our popular modular upper for the NORMAL SIZE BOYS.

That’s right, this one can be did in all the popular calibers AR15s are famous for, including, but not limited to:

  • 223 Redmonton
  • God’s chosen 5.45 (all other calibers incorrect)
  • 350 Leg End
  • 450 Shrubmaster
  • God’s allowed 7.62×39 (okay this one is fine too)
  • 5.56 “It’s totally not 223 Redmonton, Honest! They aren’t interchangeable! Guys!”
  • & Many more!

These have modular inputs for forward assists or a block off plate to make it all smooth. You may also choose between installing a brass deflector (boing!) or, leaving it nice and smooth. You may also choose not to install them at all! They are not required, so who cares!

These modular blocks are secured by a #4-40 grub screw. The brass deflector slot is a 3/8″ long. The forward assist slot screw is 1/8″ long.

Anyway, on to the story:

BLEM – These seem functionally fine, but will likely have surface imperfections.

**No refunds, exchanges or returns will be allowed for blem products**

“I’ll tell you what,” said our friend Ben, slapping its hand on top of the massive crate of blemished, stripped AR15 uppers sitting lazily in the back corner of his carport behind a vending machine. “This isn’t quite what I expected when I told the waitress ‘literally I’ll take whatever, I’m just very hungry,’ but I’m sure glad I did.”

Putting aside our question as to how he got the crate into his carport, much less behind his vending machine (which is very heavy), we reached out for one. After all, friends share this sort of thing. It is the usual, normal thing to do.

“WOAH!” Ben said, slapping our hand, “these are MINE!”

Being treated this way by a trusted friend and vending machine owner was deeply upsetting and ignited something deep inside us. Anyway, they’re here now. Both the vending machine and these uppers. You can have one if you want. We’re not like Ben. CONDITION: These seem functionally fine, but will likely have surface imperfections.

Update –


There was an envelope taped to the front door and an unmarked SD card was inside it. Being everyday human-shaped things we stuck the oddly shaped chip in the nearest receptacle and were presented with this zip file containing inserts for the modular holes on our AR uppers.  Also, I’ve won a bunch of prizes according to these web pages that keep opening.

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