MAF – AR15 FA BCG (Blem)

AR15 FA BCG (Blem)

From MAF:

BLEM – may need new gas key screws and gas key sealing.

** No refunds, exchanges, or returns will be allowed on blem products.**

So there we were, doing our semi-synodic-cycle industrial disposal dive for new products and treats. Upon surfacing for air I spied across the darkened parking lot, a singular unique obelisk illuminated by a lone yet inviting lamp and post. Upon the pillar were some unfamiliar runes. D-O-N-O-T-G-O-O-D-S. To this day our best MAF Researchers and Scientists are baffled at their meaning. – I digress – Upon closer investigation of this silvered monolith a portal was discovered by which to probe its core and contents. Braving unknown beasts and terrors I threw open the door and dove inside. Landing with the thud, the dark was deep and the ground was cold. It sent a shiver through my spine. After hours in the dark my eyes finally adjusted and pure splendor was laid out before them. This wondrous bounty took the form of medium, green, plastic baskets. Within them lie these BCGs along with a note that said “BLEM – may need new gas key screws and gas key sealing”

The journey was harrowing but we have returned. Valiant and triumphant. We present our spoils to you.

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