Merit Badge – FGC9

Fuck gun control today with the Merit Badge for FGC9 enthusiasts! This badge is designed for those who have shown an interest in 3D printing using the FGC9 platform. Whether you have successfully created a 3D print using the FGC9 platform or are simply interested in exploring its capabilities, this badge is perfect for you.

We don’t require proof of your 3D printing skills, as we trust that you will honorably represent yourself and your achievements. The badge is a sarcastically positive recognition of your efforts, and it will proudly display your interest in FGC9 and 3D printing.

Join the community of FGC9 enthusiasts and showcase your interest and knowledge in this cutting-edge technology with the Merit Badge for FGC9.

Note:  Stickers and patches are shipped separately from other merchandise, such as clothing, mats, & prints.

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