Minimal Typographic Gadsden Morale Patch


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I was amused. It may be minimal, but the message is clear. No steppy.

The Minimalist Typographic Gadsden Flag Patch – a must-have for anyone who values simplicity and self-expression. This patch features a striking yellow background with a bold black “X” symbolizing the word “Don’t” and a sleek black “~” representing the iconic snake of the Gadsden flag.

The message is clear: “Don’t tread on me”. But with this minimalist approach, the statement is made with as little effort as possible. The design is straightforward and to the point, allowing you to express your beliefs without overwhelming your style.

This high-quality patch is perfect for attaching to your backpack, jacket, or any other item you want to personalize. It’s made with durable materials, ensuring that it will withstand wear and tear for years to come.

Get your hands on the Minimalist Typographic Gadsden Flag Patch today and make a statement without sacrificing simplicity.

Note:  Stickers and patches are shipped separately from other merchandise, such as clothing, mats, & prints.


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