Monthly Swag Sticker Bundle

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1 × Ahegao 1″ 3 pack

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1 × PC vs Mac the MAC Edition

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Every month, we plan to offer a new and different collection of our memish, morale manipulation stickers at a discount.

April’s Monthly Swag Sticker Bundle!

First up, we have our Ahegao 1″ Slaps, designed for those who revel in the exhilarating combination of guns and anime. With vibrant colors and intricate artwork, these stickers feature delightful Ahegao expressions that add a playful charm to the powerful presence of firearms. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each sticker is printed on high-quality, weather-resistant vinyl, ensuring durability and long-lasting vibrancy. These stickers are perfect for adorning your favorite belongings, whether it’s your magazines, printed guns, or even the front door of your local police department. Celebrate your love for guns and anime with these bold stickers that are sure to turn heads.

Next, we have our Warning, Not For Making Guns slap, perfect for those who prioritize safety but also have a sense of humor. With a bold yellow triangle and a fierce symbol, these stickers send a clear message: “Not for making guns.” Designed to spark conversations about 3D Printing.  Add a touch of humor to your belongings.

Our Don’t Tell On Me vinyl sticker makes a powerful statement against red flag laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights. Featuring a coiled yellow snake on a red field with bold black letters below, this sticker is perfect for gun enthusiasts and anyone who values their right to bear arms. Made with high-quality vinyl, this weather-resistant sticker is suitable for use on cars, water bottles, laptops, or any surface you want to display it on. Stand up for your rights with this bold and eye-catching sticker.

Last but not least, we have the Ctrl+Pew 3D Keyboard MAC edition slap. A powerful symbol of advocacy and identity for enthusiasts of 3D printing and firearm rights. With a clear background, this versatile sticker can be applied to various surfaces, making it perfect for showcasing your allegiance wherever you go. This month, we support the MacFanatics! Perfect for customizing your gear or adding a bit of rebel flair to your tech. Grab yours & stick to what you love!

Note:  Stickers and patches are shipped separately from other merchandise, such as clothing, mats, & prints.



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