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The Current State of 3D Printing Guns via The Thinking Woodsman

While technical information and fear-mongering are both plentiful on the Internet, no one has bothered to create a “state of the world” when it comes to 3D printing firearms.

There isn’t a single source that will quickly say what is currently possible, how we got here, and what can we do about it. This article seeks to correct that deficiency.

I want to Tarantino this and get you the answer most people are looking for first before delving into the details: 3D printed versions of the Glock 19, the AR-15, and the AK-47 all exist, are known to survive 1000+ rounds, and can be printed by anyone with a $224 printer. The current generation of the AR-15 is actually considered superior to any polymer ARs on the market.

Read the full Article at The Thinking Woodsman.

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