All individuals are entitled to the utility to defend their humanity.

Gun control has failed.

No one is coming.

Its up to you.





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Recent File Drops

File Drops

File Drop: The Mono-Poly AR15 Lower Receiver

<Author> Download The Gatalog presents:Join the community at
File Drops
File Drop: DD43X 3D Printable Frame
File Drops
File Drop : FGC-9 Stingray
File Drops
File Drop : The Wooly Bully 3D Printable Taurus G3 Frame
3D Printable Hi-Power 3rd Hand Assembly Tool

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55 Gallon Bullet Trap – How to build

Being able to step onto your back deck and magdump into the mountain side is…
#010 P365 Style G43 Frame
009: 5.7 Middleton Mac
The Blog
Tech Talk – Revopoint POP 3D Scanner – Does it measure up?

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Builder Resources

  • MAF Arms – Literally the best wind chime kits.
  • Spookyrails – Metal rails for the printed Glock frame
  • Riptide Rails -Riptide Rails is dedicated to being a one-stop shop that offers high-quality rail solutions for your 3D-printed projects.
  • BlasterAtYourSide -Gun builder resource
  • Liberator 12K -Information on the Liberator 12K shotgun project.

Friends of the Community

  • Firearms Policy Coalition   – (FPC) is a 501(c)4 grassroots, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for individual liberties and important constitutional rights.
  • Guns N’ Bitcoin Podcast -“Your private keys protect your bitcoin. Your guns protect your private keys”
  • The Kommando Blog -An organization run by /k/ommandos bringing you the finest of /k/ culture.
  • EnBlocPress – News, memes, opinion, swag. Focusing on the liberty community, politics, free speech, guns, privacy, and law enforcement.
  • The eMilitia Podcast – liberty minded individuals who discuss freedom in the 21st century.