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Getting Started 0 – Quick Start

By 2021-08-16February 13th, 2022Getting Started Guide, Guides and Tutorials, The Blog

While I highly recommend going through each part of the guide, I decided to put together a quick start guide for your convenience. Links contained may be affiliate links.

Printers & Upgrades

Ender 3 Pro - Budget first choice.

So you want to get started printing but don’t want to spend a fortune on a printer. The Ender 3 Pro retails around 200 and has been a standard of most 3D printing communities for a long time. It’s the minimum we recommend for our community, or if you’re just not sure if you will enjoy 3D printing.

Ender 3 V2 - Budget is a concern but its not the first concern.

The V2 is a slightly fancier Pro with a touch screen and belt tensioners. There aren’t functional changes from the base model but it’s a nice quality-of-life upgrade should you have a little more room in your budget.

Ender 5 - A Steady Companion

The 5 is the budget-friendly choice for a long-term printer. The new frame design makes it more stable than the ender 3 counterpart, especially when you start printing larger, taller models (or prints that just take longer). With the printable upgrades and aftermarket recommendations, it’s one of those you can reasonably leave to run a week-long print and not have too many concerns about it finishing successfully.

Printers being tested currently

These printers are currently undergoing testing. If you have a suggestion for a budget-friendly printer that should be looked at as a good “first buy” printer feel free to give me a should at




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